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Plants, Seeds & Cuttings

  1. Fill a container with good draining soil. We recommend 50% regular potting soil with 50% coarse sand, fine pumice or grit (1-3 mm). Remove the big chunks from the potting soil if needed. Lithops and other Mesembs germinate very well on 100% pumice. We sell seed germination kits and soil at our website.
  2. Divide the seeds on the soil.
  3. Add a thin top layer of grit or coarse sand. If the seeds are extremely small (like Echeveria, Crassula, Lithops and Titanopsis) then do not apply a top layer.
  4. Let the container soak up water (from beneath) for 5 minutes.
  5. Let excess water drip away.
  6. Put the container with seeds in a zip lock bag or other transparent bag or box. Make sure humidity is high.
  7. Most seeds germinate under light conditions at circa 24 °C. Lithops seeds germinate at 18-20 °C, Adenium and Pachypodium species germinate at 28-30 °C.
  8. Increase ventilation when most seedlings have appeared. This can take 1-4 weeks with most species. Palm seeds and other thick or very hard seeds should be soaked in water for 24 hours before sowing. Germination of some species with thick or hard seeds may take very long. Never throw a seed batch away. It is not unusual that seeds germinate even after 1-2 years after a cold period.
  9. Never let your seedlings dry out. Keep watering the container from beneath to prevent damage from splashing water.

Dionaea and Drosera germination

These species germinate best on a mix of very moist peat and/or sphagnum with coarse sand. Do not cover these seeds. If they do not germinate within 3 weeks then place the entire seed tray in the refrigerator for 2 month to simulate winter time. Many of these species need a winter before they can sprout.

Unrooted leaf cuttings and stem cuttings should be left to dry for 3 days before potting them in dry soil mix. Do not water cuttings until roots have formed. Leaf cuttings also root well when you lay them flat on some regular potting soil. Rooting usually takes 2-4 weeks and depends on the species.

Most succulents grow fine in general potting soil with 25-50% pumice, grit or coarse sand added. Lithops, Conophytum and most other Mesembs prefer a more mineral soil mix. If you do not want to mix your own soils you can use our Professional Cactus & Succulent Soil and our Professional Lithops and Mesembs Soil which we sell at Sunnyplants.com.

Orders, Payment & Shipping

We have multiple payment options available which you can select during checkout. PayPal, Credit Card (through PayPal), iDEAL and wire transfer (bank transfer) are used most of the times. Our website and payment options are SSL secured so it is safe to pay online through our website. We will ship your order after we have received your payment.

Seeds are packed in zip-lock bags. Tiny seeds are packed in little paper bags which are then folded into a zip-lock bag. Seed orders are shipped in a parcel with Track & Trace.

We sell unrooted cuttings. Your cuttings are wrapped in tissue and are delivered with their name on a plant label. Cuttings are shipped in a parcel with Track & Trace.

Plants are shipped without soil and container. Plants are shipped in a parcel with Track & Trace.

Shipping costs vary per country. Use the shipping calculator on the checkout page to calculate the shipping costs for your country.

We are based in The Netherlands. Shipping to EU countries usually takes 4-9 working days. Shipping to other countries can take 2-3 weeks ands sometimes even 4. Sometimes parcels are delayed by customs and/or local postal services. This is why we can not exactly say when your order is being delivered to you. We can not control international postal services.

Other Questions

If you’re not at home, the postman will leave a note at your house, so you can pick it up at your local post office. Sometimes the postman forgets about this note so if the package is late, you can always check yourself at the post office. You can contact us any time for the track & trace code if necessary. Please also ask your neighbours because sometimes the postman delivers a package there. Normally the package remains with the post office for 1 to 2 weeks before they send it back to us. Please make sure you pick it up on time.

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