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Mini Succulents in Many Colors

These beautiful little succulents are the perfect gift for your friends…or yourself. At Sunnyplants we grow a wide variety of baby succulents. We propagate them from seeds and cuttings. Succulent species we cultivate are for example: Echeveria, Crassula, Sedum, Pachyphytum, Kalanchoe and many more.

Mini Succulents Care

Our mini succulents usually come without roots or little roots. Just place them in dry (succulent) soil and give good indirect light. Try to avoid direct sunlight. Roots will start to grow in a couple of weeks. Now you may start to give them some water. It is best to wait untill the soil is completely dry before you water again. Reduce waterings in winter.

How can I keep my Mini Succulents Mini?

All baby succulents will grow. You want to slow down this process and keep your mini succulents nice and compact. Plant your succulents in very small pots with a gritty soil mix (80% bims for example) with little nutrients. Water sparingly and give plenty of light. Only give some fertiliser once a year in spring.