Adromischus Cuttings for Sale – Nice, Unusual and Rare

Adromischus is a very interesting group of Succulents. They are native to southern Africa.They belong to the family of Crassulaceae. These succulent plants can be propagated by leaf cuttings or stem cuttings. They are very slow growing plants however. At Sunnyplants we usually offer rooted Adromischus cuttings.

Adromischus Care and Propagation

Adromischus can be cultivated in any good draining Cactus and Succulent soil. You can read more on specific Adromischus Propagation on the product pages. Most Adromischus species can be grown outside from half May to September. We keep them dry in winter at a minimum temperature of 5-10C.

Each cutting is carefully wrapped in paper and comes with a label and general growth instructions. For more information and help please check our FAQ & Help page.


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