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Pleiospilos Plants for Sale – Kwaggavy Mesemb or Split Rock

Pleiospilos plants belong to the Aizoaceae family. These Mesembs are found in South Africa. The plants are also known as klipplant, lewervygie, kwaggavy or split rock. These Living Stones are rather big compared to Succulents such as Lithops and Conophytum. The most comon Pleiospilos species are P. nelii and P. bolusii. At we also offer Pleiospilos nelii Royal Flush, a more uncommon purple / red variant of P. nelii.

Pleiospilos Care and Propagation

Pleiospilos plants prefer a rocky soil mix with good drainage properties. We have composed a special Lithops & Mesembs Soil which is very suitable. Pleiospilos species can be grown outside from half May to September. You should protect them from direct sun and heavy rain. We keep our Pleiospilos and most other Succulents dry in winter at a minimum temperature of 5C. Pleiospilos is propagated from seeds.

Each Pleiospilos plant is carefully wrapped in paper and comes with a label and general growth instructions. For more information and help please check our FAQ & Help page.

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