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Nice, unusual and rare Echeveria cuttings for sale

You can easily expand your Echeveria plants collection by cultivating and propagating them from leaf cuttings. We have many different Echeveria cuttings for sale at Sunnyplants.

Growing Echeverias from Echeveria leaf cuttings

Echeveria species and Echeveria hybrids can be grown from leaf cuttings and head cuttings. We mainly offer Echeveria leaf cuttings. Place your leaf cutting(s) flat on cactus & succulent soil. The leafs are usually slightly curved. Place the leaf cutting on the soil with the ends pointing up.

You do not need to cover the cuttings with soil. Do not water the cuttings until some roots are visible. You may spray the cuttings with some water now and then to prevent dehydration.

We always try to sent you leaf cuttings that allready have roots or a mini plant attached. Usually you get an unrooted cutting. Roots should form in 2-3 weeks, depending on species or hybrid. Several weeks after root formation tiny baby plants start to grow out of the base of the leaf cutting.

Each cutting is carefully wrapped in paper and comes with a label and general growth instructions. For more information and help please check our FAQ & Help page.