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Conophytum Plants for Sale – Unusual and Rare Living Stones

Conophytum plants, also called toontjies (little toes), knopies (buttons) or cone plants. These Mesembs are small and usually clustering plants. Conophytum Succulents are distributed over semi-arid and arid winter rainfall regions of southern Namibia and South Africa. Species like C. burgeri, C. obcordellum and C. calculus are very sought after.

Conophytum Care and Propagation

Conophytums can best be grown in a sandy rocky soil mix. We have composed a special Lithops & Mesembs Soil. Some growers cultivate Conophytums on pure pumice (Bims). You can read more on specific Conophytum propagation on the product pages. Most Conophytum species can be grown outside from half May to September. You should protect them from direct sun and heavy rain. Conophytums are winter growing Succulents. We keep our Conophytums almost dry in summer and water in early spring and late autumn. The minimum temperature for Conos is around 5C.

Each Conophytum plant is carefully wrapped in paper and comes with a label and general growth instructions. For more information and help please check our FAQ & Help page.

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