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Gibbaeum Plants for Sale – Unusual and Rare Living Stones

Gibbaeum plants, also called volstruistone (ostrich toes), duimpie-snuif (thumb snuf), vinger-en-duim (finger and thumb), papegaaibek (parrot beak), visbekvygie or mimicry plants are small clump forming plants. They form a little woody taproot. When the plants are older this gives a nice Bonsai look if the Gibbaeum is planted with this woody rootstock above ground. Gibbaeum species are mostly found in rocky areas (quartz) in Western Cape Province (Little Karoo) and South Africa.

Gibbaeum Care and Propagation

Gibbaeums can best be grown in a soil mix based on pumice. We have composed a special Lithops & Mesembs Soil. This soil mix has extremely good drainage properties which is extremely important for species like Gibbaeum and other Living Stones. We keep our Gibbaeums almost dry in summer and water in early spring and late autumn. The minimum temperature for Gibbaeum is around 5C. Propagation can done from seeds or sometimes cuttings. We propagate all our Gibbaeum species from seed.

Each Gibbaeum plant is carefully wrapped in paper and comes with a label and general growth instructions. For more information and help please check our FAQ & Help page.