Sedum morganianum Burrito – Burro’s Tail – Cuttings

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Nice compact grown Sedum morganianum Burrito (Burro’s Tail) Cuttings. You will get 1 or 2 rooted cuttings. Plant Sedum morganianum Burrito in Succulent Soil and give some fertilizer in spring and autumn when they show most growth. They like plenty of light but slowly adjust the Succulent to increased lighting.

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All plants and cuttings are shipped bare-root, without soil or their original nursery pot. Orders ship Monday-Friday each week. Please allow 1-3 business days for your order to be processed.

Questions and Answers
Please check our FAQ & Help page for planting and germination instructions and for questions about your order. NB: Plant colors may vary during the year depending on light, temperature and water.

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